The Ministry of Education and sciences of the Russian Federation
Tomsk state university
Siberian Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute (SibNIGMI, Novosibirsk)

International science conference
«Climatology and glaciology of Siberia»
October 20-23,   2015 Russia, Tomsk

Dear Colleagues,
Tomsk State University organizes the 2nd International Science Conference «Climatology and glaciology of Siberia» and the research school (seminar) «Modern problems of hydrometeorology and geoecology». These events will take place during October 22-25,  2015, in the main building of   Tomsk   State University
The conference and the research school aim to discuss a broad variety of scientific and practical problems, which require a cross disciplinary approach.
The surface atmosphere temperatures in the Northern high latitudes have increased significantly during the last decades. On this background the territory of Western Siberia is unique natural laboratory for many researches, because it is one of the centers of the maximal warming now. Siberia is a large region with rather heterogeneous temperature trends and environmental changes. The published climate model analysis revealed that the models have difficulties reproducing the observed climate trends in the region, in particular over the last decades with accelerated temperature change in the Northern high latitudes. The observed and expected environmental changes have many practical implications for socio-cultural and economic life as well as significant impact on ecology, statistics and severity of natural hazards in the region. Hence, a cross-disciplinary approach is clearly needed to assess and to manage the climatic risks.

Suggested Topics:
•    A condition of an atmosphere and climatic resources;
•    Geography, glaciology and paleogeography of cold regions;
•    Hydrological processes and water resources;
•    Geoecology, natural risks;
•      Agrometeorology;
•      Modeling of processes in the atmosphere and hydrosphere;
•      Pedagogical aspects in the teaching of Earth Sciences.
•       New Information Technologies in Geology, Geoecology and Evolutionary geography

Language : Russian or English.
The conference schedule will include: 
•    Invited lectures (up to 45 min).
•    Oral presentations (15 min).
•    Poster sessions.
•    Lectures and training seminars for young scientists.

Some important dates
1 st February 2015 Deadline for registration and  abstract submissions
15st  May 2015 Deadline for the extended abstract submissions

The reception of the papers will be acknowledged by email.
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