Department of Dynamic Geology


Ауд. 238 Главного корпуса ТГУ (пр. Ленина, 36)
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В.П. Парначёв - заведующий кафедрой Заведующий кафедрой
доктор геол.–минерал. наук,
профессор Врублевский Василий Васильевич   

Department of Dynamic Geology was established in 1938 on the base of the cabinet at the Department of Physical Geology, Paleontology and Stratigraphy.
The learning process is carried out by 3 doctors and 7 candidates. The department has a postgraduate.

Full-time courses
Graduate training is conducted in the direction of "Geology":

UNDERGRADUATE 05.03.01 - 4 years
Profile: Geology
Qualification: Academic Bachelor

GRADUATE 05.04.01 - 2 years
Regional Geology
Environmental geology
Geology and Geodynamics
Qualification: Master

Extramural studies
Speciality 21.05.02 - 5.5 years
Major: Applied Geology
Specialty: Geological Survey, searching and explo-ration of mineral deposits.
Qualification: Specialist

Teachers of the Department of Dynamic Geology conducted a consultation on the eve of the state exam at the tank laurels Geology 2011 edition
      Training facilities of the department include:
  • Classrooms, equipped with specialized collections and the equipment for presenta-tions,
  • Computer classes,
  • Academic geological and geophysical laboratory,
  • Laboratory of Geological and Geophys-ical modeling,
  • Basis of training practices "Shira".

Teachers of the department lead the training field practice on general geology (1-year) in the environs of Tomsk and the multi-purpose edu-cational geological survey practice (2nd year) on the basis of practices in the vicinity of the village Shira (North Khakassia).

Students have the industrial practice in scien-tific and industrial geological organizations of Siberia, the Urals, the Far East and other re-gions of Russia.

Students participate in the implementation of re-searches carried out by teachers of the department within the framework of scientific programs and grants of various levels. The results of these works are presented by students at scientific conferences and at the All-Russian open competition of re-search works.

The main directions of scientific research:
  • Geodynamic reconstruction of the envi-ronments of magmatism and sedimentation in the geological history of Siberia and the Urals;
  • petrology and metallogeny of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary formations of southern Siberia;
  • use of the geoinformational technologies in the production of geological surveying;
  • Geoecology of the Western Siberia.


The department receives annually the information about vacancies and applications for graduates from scientific-governmental and industrial institutions. Over 90% of graduates begin their work in geology or in related areas. The main consumers of these specialists are geological and oil- and gasextraction organizations of Siberia and the Far East, as well the industrial and academic research institutes.

Russia is rich in minerals, and modern high educated specialists are constantly required for their exploration and development. Geologicalgeographical faculty of TSU, including the Department of Dynamic Geology prepares these personnel.

If you want to have an interesting and promising work-lane - Welcome to the Department of Dynamic Geology in TSU!!!